Elfquest Archives Part 1 of 3

Elfquest Archives, Vol. 1 - Wendy Pini, Richard Pini

Right off the bat, I was blown away by Wendy Pini who is an absolutely phenomenal artist. The entire thing is rich with color and a distinctive flair that I came to appreciate as Wendy's signature style. Another reviewer said that this series is born more of the heart than of the mind and I totally agree with them. [A/N: If you're looking for a cerebral sci-fi then you have made a wrong turn and need to look at your directions a little more closely.] Pini has created a true fantasy epic that is about the people just as much (maybe more so) than the journey they undertake.


Volume 1 introduces us to the Wolfriders, a tribe of forest elves, who are led by their young chief, Cutter, who is brave, strong, and dedicated to his people. At the start of the first volume (after we're introduced to quite a few of the Wolfriders and their wolf allies (actual wolves that they ride)) we discover that there has been a longstanding rivalry (and much bloodshed) between the elves and the humans that live nearby. This is partially why they've developed such a close relationship with the wolves and why they've developed into such powerful warriors. A determined human decides that the only way to win against their fierce adversaries is to burn down their forest home...and as a result the Wolfriders begin their quest to find a new home in lands unknown. #backstory

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