Too cute to pass up

Soppy: A Love Story - Philippa Rice

I believe I've mentioned before that a lot of times I'll pick up a book based on a review I've seen on BookTube. In fact, my resolve to give graphic novels another shot happened because of the excellent recommendations of Ariel Bissett. She kept talking about a cute little graphic novel by Philippa Rice entitled Soppy: A Love Story and every time she'd mention it she would be overcome with how much she liked it so...I checked it out. She was absolutely right. It's a little dose of happiness in book form.  It's about a couple that decides to move in with one another and the adjustments that are made to accommodate their differences and how their relationship evolves. (Note: I am the girl in this book. She is me. I am her.) I laughed out loud and actually said "aww" more than once. They're a quirky little couple who makes me hope that things might actually work out for me in the future. If you want something light and sweet then I highly recommend this one to you.  Also, the artwork is adorable.


How all book nerds imagine their love lives.