Picture books are not just for children

A Day with Wilbur Robinson - William Joyce

There were a few classes that I took as a Library Sciences major that really stuck with me. One was Reader's Advisory (how to help someone choose a book...sound familiar?) and the other was Children's Literature. As you already know, I absolutely love children's literature. However, I was led to believe that as an adult my enjoyment of picture books was over. WRONG! Some of the best picture books are the best because they appeal to all ages. I'm giving all of this backstory because today's review is of a picture book entitled A Day With Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce. When I discovered that one of my favorite animated movies (yes, those are for all ages as well), Meet the Robinsons, was actually adapted from a book...well I went and picked it up at the library, didn't I? The story is all about one magical day at the homestead of the Robinson family while they search for Grandfather's false teeth. Each member of the brood is more fantastical than the last and yet Wilbur claims that it's "dull". However, it's the artwork that brings it all together. Joyce's style evokes a 1950's vibe that is playful and still somewhat realistic. (I definitely believed the octopus butler real.) He considers his works to be "alarmingly optimistic" and I'd have to agree. (Remember the film Robots? He produced and designed it.) It's a fun read that I think anyone of any age would enjoy. 10/10

Source: http://readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com