So that's what happened to Dorothy!

No Place Like Oz - Danielle  Paige

So we finally get to find out how Dorothy made it back to Oz and how she came to be in power. When I was reading Dorothy Must Die, it never occurred to me to wonder about Aunt Em and Uncle Henry…let's just say their story is full of irony and leave it at that. No Place Like Oz focuses on what makes Dorothy tick and her relationship with Ozma is especially interesting. We get a glimpse of her three companions at their midpoint of transformation into the monsters we met in the first book of the series. I think it's particularly clever of Danielle Paige to structure her series like this. The reader is able to get all of the back story on the main characters in short bursts to hold them over until the next book in the series is out. I do hope, however, that she'll release everything in print as a nice box set (I love a good box set, y'all).