What it takes to be a rogue

The Dungeoneers - John David     Anderson

This is the first book in a series (although there's no set date for the next book or even a premise so don't get too excited yet) about a group of kids who are learning the craft of dungeoneering (don't worry the book will explain precisely what this entails) in Thwodin's Legion (you probably haven't heard of it because it's pretty elite). Each of the main characters has a different specialization (rogue, druid healer, barbarian, and mageling). Anderson continues to impress with his characterization and believable 'voice' for this age group. Reluctant readers would do well to check out his writing. Fantasy lovers especially will enjoy this one and Sidekicked (PS He's also written a companion novel set in the same universe as Sidekick entitled Minion which I'm hoping to read soon.). Colm Candorly is the main protagonist and maybe one of my favorite characters ever written because he's flawed and instead of fighting that he embraces it willingly. There's plenty of humor but alongside that is a healthy dosage of dramatics (and violence). It's a fast paced, fun read that can be enjoyed by middle grade to adult readers. If you didn't guess already, I'm a fan. 10/10

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