Barbara Baker: Woman on the move

Barbara Baker - Steven Hugh

The first in the trilogy, Barbara Baker, focuses on a woman who is struggling to raise her young son on a nurse's salary in England. It's not quite as cut and dry as that, however. At the very beginning of the novel something quite shocking happens to her which thrusts her into the path of recently retired Roy Sterling. Soon (shockingly soon) the three are living together in Roy's home and he is more or less financially taking care of them all. There is a dark cloud which hovers over Barbara but which she makes no mention to anyone not even her son, Tony. The hardest part about this book were the sudden jumps in time without any forewarning. Luckily, it was very linear so the reader wasn't left wondering if they were reading a passage from the present, past, or future of the characters. I felt it was pretty slow going but by the end I was too invested not to continue on with the series. (The end is a bit of a shock which I enjoyed.)